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Welcome to Cougars Cheer!

May 13, 2021 Update:  Cougar Cheer Tryouts

Download the flyer here:  Cougars Cheer Tryout Flyer (5-13-21) (PDF)

Cougars Cheer is a cheer program ran by cheer program director Amanda McCoy. We cheer for Cucamonga Middle School. We cheer for most all events that the school puts on, and also outside events. We perform at rallies, basketball games, soccer games, and all special events CMS puts on. We also do parades, Quakes performances, Fury games and much more.

Cougars Cheer is offered to grades 6th thru 8th. Students are placed on the team after tryouts (April / May). Tryouts are judged by three judges. We work as one team consisting of members from the three grades.

Cougars Cheer is an outside-of-school program. We are not affiliated with Central School District in any way. There is a monthly fee to participate in the cheer program. This fee of $55 is due every month in order to be a part of the cheer program.

Cougars Cheer works on team building skills, tumbling skills, stunting skills, dance choreography, complex cheer routines, raising self esteem, and having confidence, all while maintaining good grades. At Cougars Cheer we strive for athletes to perform well both in the class and on the cheer mat! We collectively strive to show kindness to everyone who we encounter, show our school spirit and most of all learn to be the best version of ourselves that we can be!

NOTE:  Cougars cheer will have tryouts for the 2020 – 2021 cheer season on the 3rd week of school.  Tryout information will be posted preceding that date.


Isabel, Capt. Cougars Cheer, Cucamonga Middle School
Isabel, Capt. Cougars Cheer, Cucamonga Middle School
River, Co-Capt Cougars at Cucamonga Middle School
River, Co-Capt Cougars at Cucamonga Middle School

This is NOT a Central School District sponsored program